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To contact us please send an e-mail to dklang@sbcglobal.net  

MON APR 29th, 2019    6:30-9:30p.m.  
Franklin's Public House, Palos Heights
Big Band - No Cover

Reservations at (708) 671-8959


MON APR 8th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Big Band 

MON MAR 25th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Big Band 

MON MAR 4th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Big Band 

SAT FEB 23rd, 2019 Franklin's Public House Small Group

SAT FEB 18th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Big Band 

WED JAN 30th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Small Group (cancelled due to weather)

SAT JAN 26th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Small Group

SAT JAN 19th, 2019 Franklin's Public House Small Group  

MON DEC 17th, 2018 Papa Joe's, Orland Park

SAT DEC 15th 
DAO Japanese Steakhouse, Orland Park

TUE DEC 11th
Jacob Henry Mansion, Joliet
Private Event

FRI NOV 16th, 2018
  Jacob Henry Mansion, Joliet 

 FRI OCT 26th, 2018                          DAO Steakhouse, Orland Park  

WED OCT 17th, 2018        
  Franklins Public House, Palos Heights

SUN AUG 26th,2018                        DAO Steakhouse, Orland Park

FRI JUL 20th, 2018                          Band On The Drive, Orland Park

SAT JUL 14th, 2018         

  Olympia Fields C.C.          

MON JUN 25th, 2018
  Papa Joe's, Orland Park

SUN MAY 27th, 2018
  DAO Steakhouse, Orland Park

SAT MAR 24th, 2018
  Big Band Pizza Party@ ASLC, Orland Park 

THU JAN 26th, 2018        
ZMT Small Group                                    Black Sheep, Orland Park

SAT DEC 23rd, 2017
ZMT Small Group                                  Barney Callaghan's, Beverly

MON DEC 18th, 2017
Big Band Christmas Party                     
Papa Joe's, Orland Park  

FRI DEC 15th, 2017
CS5 SJMC Awards Luncheon (Private)

TUE DEC 12th, 2017
CS7 SJMC Awards Dinner (Private)                  Jacob Henry Mansion, Joliet 

SAT DEC 9th, 2017        
CS3, Chrismas Party, Tinley Park (Private)

SUN NOV 26th, 2017        
Big Band Holiday Kick-off
All Saints Lutheran Church, Orland Park

SUN NOV 5th, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Silver Lake C.C., Orland Park

SAT OCT 28th, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Square Celt Holloween Bash, Orland Park 

FRI OCT 27th, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Graduation Party, Oak Lawn

SAT OCT 7th, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Wedding, Gaelic Park, Oak Forest

SAT SEP 30th, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Horse Thief Hollow, Beverly

FRI SEP 29th, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Irish Legend, Willow Springs

SAT SEP 23rd, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Barney Callghan's, Beverly

FRI SEP 22nd, 2017 (ZMT Small Group)
Girl In The Park, Orland Park

TUE AUG 15th,2017
St. Coletta's FunFest, Orland Park

FRI JUL 14th, 2017
3rd Annual Band on the Drive
Orland Park 

MON JUN 26th, 2017           
Papa Joe's, Orland Park

MON MAY 15th, 2017
Papa Joe's, Orland Park

MON MAR 20th, 2017            
Gatto's, New Lenox     
w/Oak Prairie Jazz Band    

SUN MAR 12th, 2017
Orland Park (Private Event)

SAT DEC 3rd, 2016
Palos Height's Holidays on Harlem
CS4 w/Bobby Schiff

THU DEC 8th, 2016
Smith Village, Beverly
CS6 w/Bobby Schiff (Private Event)

SUN NOV 6th, 2016
Silver Lake Country Club

SAT SEP 10th, 2016        

Mokena Food, Wine, and Brew Festival

FRI AUG 12th
Wayne Messmer, Judy Roberts, Greg Fishman 

FRI AUG 5th, 2016                   
Party on the Drive, Orland Park

THU MAY 12th, 2016
Orland Chateau - Salute to the Troops

SUN MAY 1st, 2016
Manteno Veteran's Home Fundraiser

SUN  FEB 28th, 2016 
Trio, Palos Heights

SUN  DEC 20th,  2015     
Christmas 2015 - Hackney's, Palos Park 

WED DEC 9th,  2015     
Smith Crossing Holiday Open House, Orland Park 

WED DEC 2nd,  2015 
Smith Village Holiday Open House, Beverly 

SUN OCT 25th, 2015  
VFW Post 9545 - New Lenox
SAT OCT 17th   2015     
ReMax Grand Opening - Frankfort 

SAT  SEP 12th,  2015 
Food and Wine Festival - Mokena 

FRI  SEP 11th    2015  
Floyd's Ale House - New Lenox 

WED SEP 2nd    2015     
Hackney's - Palos Park 

TUE  AUG 18th,  2015 
St. Collettas Picnic - Orland Park 

SAT  AUG 8th,  2015  
Wedding with Wayne Messmer - Orland Park

SAT  JUL 11th,  2015
Open Air Market - Mokena

SUN  JUN 28th,  2015 
William Martin VFW Post 725 - Mokena 

SUN    MAY 24th,  2015
With Homer J.H
VFW Post 9545 - New Lenox 

SUN    MAR 22nd,  2015              
VFW Post 9545 - New Lenox 

SUN    FEB 22nd,  2015
With Oak Prairie J.H
VFW Post 9545 - New Lenox 

SUN    JAN 25th,  2015
VFW Post 9545 - New Lenox 

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